4050 Montrose Road
Niagara Falls, ON
L2H 3E1

(905) 358-1116

Clear One

Self Storage


* Prices subject to change without notice *
Bay Size Rate What You Can Fit
5’ x 5’ 25’ sq ft $65 per month

Small closet

  • small furniture
  • chest of drawers
  • several boxes
Small Closet
5’ x 10’ 50’ sq ft $98 per month

Walk-in closet

  • couch
  • chair
  • mattress
  • chest of drawers
  • boxes
  • other small items
Walk-in Closet Storage
10’ x 10’ 100’ sq ft $160 per month

Average bedroom

  • furnishings from a 1 bedroom apartment without appliances
  • boxes & other small items
10’ x 15’ 150’ sq ft $196 per month

Large bedroom

  • furnishings from a 2 bedroom apartment without appliances
  • boxes & other small items
Large Bedroom
10’ x 20’ 200’ sq ft $230 per month

Single car garage

  • furnishings from a small house with appliances & boxes
  • OR a car, truck or boat
Car Garage Storage
10’ x 30’ 300’ sq ft $320 per month

Long one car garage

  • furnishings from 3 bedroom house with appliances and boxes
  • OR a car, truck or boat
Large Garage Car or Boat
Climate Controlled Storage Units Also Available
5' x 5' $82
5' x 7' $90
5' x 10' $118
10' x 10' $205
10' x 15' $250
10' x 25' $305
10' x 30' $370

For your convenience:
We offer mattress covers, soft covers and padlocks for sale on site.


  • On site manager.
  • Month to month rental.
  • Professional, friendly service.
  • Access 7 days per week.
  • No security deposit needed.
  • Bay sizes from 25-300 sq ft.
  • Climate controlled units available.
  • All units ground floor, wide aisles.
  • Electronic gate access.
  • Completely fenced compound.
  • Fully paved and clean.
  • Lighting for evening access.
  • Conveniently located close to QEW.
  • Renter's insurance available.
  • Deliveries accepted.
  • Video surveillance.

Packing Tips

Appliance Storage


  • Tape doors shut when moving
  • Wedge fridge & freezer doors open in storage
  • Freezer, fridge, washer & dryer can be use for extra storage
Kitchenware Storage


  • Wrap each dish in packing paper
  • Cushion dishes with crumpled paper in the box
  • Keep the boxes for dishes small and under 30 lbs.
Bed Storage


  • Tie bed rails together with rope or tape
  • Mark pieces for easy reassembly
  • Use mattress covers for protection
Packing Kitchenware


  • Pack glasses carefully
  • Wrap each one with packing paper and pack like dishes
Books Storage


  • Pack in smaller boxes
  • Keep weight to under 30 lbs.
  • Line book boxes with plastic & fill empty spaces with paper
Lamp Storage


  • Pack lamp shades in individual boxes with plenty of paper
  • Lamp bases transport securely in dresser drawers, freezers and washing machines
  • For safety, pad them well with towels and blankets
Drawers Storage


  • Use dresser drawers for extra storage space
  • Use for small or fragile items
  • Sweaters, blankets or towels are good for padding
Mirror Storage


  • Wrap mirrors in paper with padding
  • Make sure you mark mirrors (fragile) to avoid breakage
  • Stand the mirror upright for transport & storage
File Storage


  • Give your back a break - keep weight of boxes under 30 lbs.
  • With a marking pen list contents of the box on its side
  • For load size - multiply length x width x height
Artwork Storage


  • Wrap paintings in paper and padding and pack the same as mirrors
  • Mark (fragile) and store upright for transport & storage
Chair Storage


  • Protect chair legs by wrapping in packing paper
  • Leave slipcovers on chairs and also cover with plastic chair covers
Office Storage


  • Remove legs for table
  • Extra leaves should be tied together and padded
Clothes Storage


  • Clothing that would normally hang in your closet should be stored in a wardrobe box
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For your convenience

  • We offer mattress covers, soft covers and padlocks for sale on site.

We prohibit the storage of:

  • Gasoline, oil, fuel, grease, paint or flammables
  • Explosives, fireworks or ammunition
  • Corrosive, toxic or hazardous materials
  • Controlled substances or alcoholic beverages
  • Food or perishables
  • Any dangerous or health-risk item
  • Any creature or organism, living or dead
  • Waste